About the play “The faithfulness test or or how faithful is your husband?”

Author: Egils Snore

Genre: A character and situation comedy

Length: 13 scenes with one interval

Cast size: 13 female and 10 male roles many of which could be played the same actors. The minimal number of actors required is 5 (3 female and 2 male).

Play was written in: 1996

Synopsis: The 30 year old Elke is the country’s first lady detective specialising in straying husbands. Working for middle aged female clients she visits cafés, bars, restaurants etc to chat up their husbands and to see if they propose a more intimate relationship. It would not be a comedy were it not for the various misunderstandings and confusion that arise in her daily routine. A revolving stage is desirable.

At the beginning of the play she feels beautiful, self-conscious and self-confident although… Then she begins to be visited by strange clients. To preserve their anonymity she gives them reference numbers of various combinations of letters and numbers. There is Mrs XL who, imagining her husband together with Elke, becomes hysterical in the detective’s office. Mrs X1, who has already had her husband checked out and was found to be easily led astray, wants her husband tested again and this time, all the way. There is the well off lady (who’s reference number is taken from the Jaguar she owns) and her even more influential husband who has no wish to seduce Elke, but to analyse her. When not circulating in high society he has pretensions of being a Freudian writer. The lady who has conditioned her husband not to stray by using methods similar to Pavlov’s experiments with dogs. Her husband, it turns out, has not been conditioned and exposes Elke’s provocation.

The car fanatic husband who irritates Elke with his speeches and brings out an almost masochistic reaction in her. As a result of this painfully hilarious episode, when Elke meets another easily, perhaps too easily, seduced husband, she herself is reduced to hysteria. The wife of this over amorous husband does not believe Elke’s report and becomes aggressive towards Elke.

Elke meets other different characters. Lonely and confused, she converses with the young feminist office cleaner. When relaxing or in times of confusion she tapes the text of her forthcoming book. We learn of Elke’s fragile and somewhat mixed up inner world.

Is there not an everyday, simple test during the play? Yes, one, but even the outcome of this shakes Elke’s confidence in her beliefs. The last test in the play finds Elke having to put her fiancé to the test. This has a happy ending.

Email author: Egils Snore – egilssnore@inbox.lv

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