About the play “Tariff”

Author: Egils Snore

Length:  two acts

Genre: farce

Cast size:  10 male and 7 female roles

The action takes place: in a particular public transport.

About the play: The main characters are the King and Queen of Latvia (Latvia has never had a royal family), the Princess and Princes. Tariff is the somewhat exaggerated ‘bad guy’. The play consists of several scenes, from one stop to the next. Inspiration has been drawn from several of Moliere’s plays.

Play was written in: 1996

Email author: egilssnore@inbox.lv

Šis ieraksts tika publicēts Latvian plays (latviešu lugas angliski) ar birkām , . Pievienot grāmatzīmēm tā pastāvīgo saiti.


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