Play “All Chickens At Heart”

Comi-tragedy of a Single Splendid Act, divided intotwenty equally splendid scenes. For adults.  Dedicated to all true peace lovers. Includes 10 or more parts, using bird and feline masks, (adaptable 4 males, 6 females or more).

This is the only play by Art, written first in plain English. Later it was rewritten in Latvian. All the other of Arts plays, the ones are available in English, were written first in Latvian. There is some question of – what it is – a translation? When you are equipt to deal with one or other language, you just switch your thinking from one system to the other.

This play is part of Arts’ THE EARTHLY ADVENTURES OF A CITIZEN OF THE WORLD, a two volume set of 16 plays. Sometimes in 1988 the Communist Party of then Soviet Union declared a new party platform. This was a direct Arts’answer to peace platform soviets declared. The play was read at Playwriting Seminar, Lakewood Little Theater, 1990.

Next to Firely Forest there is this old eucalyptus tree with an old tree house, where lady owl Sebastyna lives. One beautiful morning a group of birds appear, led by some feline characters and create a public protest march for peace. There‘re birds – the outspoken Rooster by name Timroy Royster, then a spinstehen Pat McHeyn, Galyna as her servant, quarellsome duck Ducco Chris, a true lady blue jay Jo Jay and the highly suspicious grouse Wyddor. Beast species represented by Herr Willee Wolfe, an officer of ASS, a feline cat Fee Dora Lynxy and another smart cat of Franceena Foxx.

As the demonstation starts, the cats introduce a monster of a Chicken-Bracker and they make Timroy Royster to prove his great dedication to peace. The end result is Ohio Fried Chicken, as Timroy crows for peace. This is a spoof of all demonstatation for peace, usually organized by commies world wide.

The play was written on October the 3rd, 1990,   in Lakewood, Ohio, in commemoration of that Great Immoral October Revolution of 1917 and its contribution to the issue of the peace.

Author: Arturs Rubenis

Genre: comitragedy

Pages: 40

Cast size: 10 (4 men, 6 women)

Text of the play: for full information about rights and full text of play please contact:  

Šis ieraksts tika publicēts Latvian plays (latviešu lugas angliski) ar birkām , , , , , , , . Pievienot grāmatzīmēm tā pastāvīgo saiti.


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